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December 2015: We're Celebrating 4 years!

OES | Celebrates 4 years!

We at OES are thrilled to celebrate four years! As of today, we have had the pleasure of completing 64 projects, from little to large – not including our three current builds. This company could not have gotten here without the support of friends and family, from sharing our name to giving us our first jobs in order to get OES off the ground. Starting out small, it was just myself, Matt, and Shawn in the early days. We quickly added Damon to the design team, and now we’ve grown to twelve team members and counting. Jackie helps Matt and me stay organized in office so that we can design; Shawn, who’s talent and leadership is indispensable, manages the fabrication team; Jarvis leads up the landscape crew. You can read more about us on our About page.

OES | Friday morning team meeting

Matt and I appreciate our clients’ trust in our design and overall vision. We mean it when we say we will deliver exceptional build quality because we are perfectionists at heart. It’s so important that we provide a positive overall experience, from the first base map mouse click to the final wheelbarrow of gravel, all made possible with help from our mega-talented Super Team.

Not to sound like an acceptance speech, but we give profound thanks to everyone who has pushed for us to succeed. We are so very proud of all of the ideas that we are lucky enough to see come to fruition in a very short period of time. We know that each and every project and team member that is currently or have at one time been a part of OES has all helped us grow.

OES | Small Business Quote

OES | Eloise and Ansley at the Home Depot

Matt and I are also thankful that we can provide a life for our daughters, Eloise and Ansley, who are able to take gymnastics classes, have a roof over their heads, and dress in as many mixed patterns as their hearts desire, all because of your support in a small family business. They see that we love what we do, and that when you find a vocation that fulfills you, working hard is not really work at all. We are able to live our best lives and be present with them because have the pleasure of working with such wonderful clients. How lucky are we?

Our parents deserve a huge acknowledgement because many a deadline came where we needed to work late, outside of school and daycare hours, and also on days when the kids were home sick from school. Not to mention they are relentlessly supportive and expect nothing less than for us to follow our bliss.

Here’s to starting year five with an already lengthy build queue!

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