Mentioned in Austin Home Magazine: Open Envelope Studio

Austin Home Magazine put out a Special Issue in 2016, in addition to their quarterly issues, as a stand-alone guide and inspiration for home projects. In the Landscaping section of the 2017 Resource Guide, Open Envelope Studio, LLC was written up and listed among nineteen local firms.

Austin's Home Composting Rebate

Greetings Austinites, Amber here from Morenovision. Just dropping by with a public service announcement. Do you have loftier hopes for your food scraps than your ever-full trash bin? Do you find yourself tracing putrid odors back to that same bin over and over? When looking at your utility bill, do you pay the “Clean Community Service Fee?” YES?!? You may* qualify for a $75 rebate on a home composting system! *See terms and conditions Simply complete a composting education class online (a 14 minute youtube video) or with your community at any of these upcoming classes. Afterwards, you fill out a short rebate application and slay an even shorter questionnaire with your new composting knowle

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