Clumping vs Running Bamboo

Bamboo is a great way to get immediate privacy without taking up a lot of real estate, which can be very helpful when you're screening a space in a small yard. There are only a handful of plants that work in central Texas have this vertical, columnar shape without going as wide as they are tall. Also, for the price point, you don't have to wait to have some amount of screening. We love working with bamboo because it's so easy to maintain–just cut it off either at the ground plane to thin out the stalks, or at the desired height and it won't keep growing from that culm; on the other hand, be careful if you choose to turn it into a hedge, because only new shoots will grow taller. There are

Featured in Better Homes and Gardens Magazine: Bellaire Residence

The Bellaires have great taste and Matt and I are suckers for a mid-century modern aesthetic. We designed and built their landscape in 2014; their OES project portfolio can be found here and our blog post about their small spaced being maxed-out can be found here. They were fabulous clients who were very supportive and enthusiastic about our intervention in their small side yard. Recently, they were interviewed by Better Homes and Gardens Magazine, which featured their gorgeous interior as well as our landscape design. We're honored to be included in a page in the article and love how the photos capture the space. The massaranduba hardwood bench remains one of our all-time favorites. Bu

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