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Hello, tour-goer!  


You've visited our project and want to know more about us.  


We are Open Envelope Studio, co-owned by Matt and Angelica Norton.  We have a boutique residential landscape design-build studio based in Austin, Texas.  You can find out more About us and our Projects, and get in Contact with us to schedule a consultation, and more can be found navigating through the links at the top of the page.

Our personalized process begins with a consultation where we get to know your needs and preferences.  Angelica visits the project site to take photos and notes and will ask you lots of questions, like how you'd like to use the space and what does and doesn't work about it.  Once she knows your project scope, you'll receive a design proposal for three rounds of design, including rough pricing.  Each of the three rounds will be presented in our east Austin design office where we get your feedback, look over samples and materials and walk you through the 3D model of your project.  Once our team finalizes the design, we create construction documentation–what you might think of as blueprints– and oversee the construction as your General Contractor.  With a focus on function and longevity, we make the process easy and enjoyable for you from start to finish.

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