How to Use a Hibachi Grill

Mockingbird Domestics sold a hibachi (a portable charcoal grill) fabricated by Open Envelope Studio in Austin, Texas. The OES Hibachi‘s dimensions are 6″ x 18″ x 7″ tall and fits on a patio table top. The size of the air inlet as well as the grate perforations create the perfect airflow for coals. How to Use It: Prepare meat and veggies of your choice (called yakitori) on skewers (you can use metal or wood soaked in water) Remove individual grill bars on top to add hot coals to one or more sections; replace bars when finished Coat grill bars with oil Once hibachi comes to the right temperature, place yakitori skewers perpendicular to grill bars Flip when necessary Serve with sauces of your

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