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Winter Maintenance for Austin Landscapes ❄️

Bundle up and bring in those container plants Austin, it's freeze season! Here in Central Texas we seem to be continually surprised by freezes, perhaps because we're all still recovering from our last round of heat exhaustion.

It bears repeating that as soon as you hear about a freeze warning you should get outside and water well. Water retains heat and will give your flora a fighting chance against low temps, (just don't spray your leaves). You could wrap citrus trees in older Christmas lights to add warmth when the temperature drops but most importantly don't forget to insulate and cover, cover, cover! Plastic is out, frost cloths (or blankets, towels, sheets, barrels, buckets) are in. After the first freeze, mulch and top dress your garden beds with compost, there's not else much to do. Pruning can wait. This time of year is a great season to devote to maintenance but If you must, you could plant hardy perennials, shrubs, trees and cold hardy herbs. Pluck weeds out of the moist earth with ease and move or divide any dormant spring bloomers. Keep the wildflower seeds that you planted in early fall moist, mow leaves into your lawn to break them down and prep garden beds for the spring by adding compost or raking leaves into the soil. Should some of your garden suffer freeze damage, don't rush to the rescue until late winter. Leave the seeds for the birds and avoid pruning until freezes have passed. Clean your tools, store them dry in a cozy spot then find one for yourself. Don't overthink it! Here's to a happy, healthy, warm and dry holiday.

Cheers, from Open Envelope Studio.


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