So You Want a New Fence - Day 6

This was the day that the planks were completely put up, both gate frames were installed (and corrected), and half of the screws were put in to finish the inside. It goes by more quickly when we mark for both screws, but only put in one, which is enough to hold the board in place, then have one guy come back and do the second screw afterwards. This was kindly done by the clients’ brother-in-law. It helps if you client comes from a build-oriented family! We don’t often get to offer this kind of discount, but we like to if we know that a) the client won’t slow us down by wanting to help and b) they have the time to help. And I say that one of the gate frames was corrected because at first

So You Want a New Fence - Day 5

On the fifth day, the crew finished putting up the panels on the long side on the right, turned the corner, and made it along the back side of the property. They also put up the second gate frame using Shawn’s ingenuity of making saw horses out of the scrap fence posts they already removed. At first he used the ground to weld the gate frame but realized it wasn’t level, so he put these suckers together. Day 5 was Saturday for us, so we had the help of one of the clients for a couple more days. He and Matt were again on panel duty while Shawn was fabricating the gate. I showed you in the Day 4 post how the glow of the boards in the sun is pretty magical, and today I want to point out the s

So You Want a New Fence - Day 4

On the fourth day of this installation, the crew was able to put up most of the panels along one of the long sides of the yard. As a refresher, check out day 1, day 2, and day 3. Here’s the project photo gallery on Facebook again. Be sure and “like” us! While Matt and the client put up more panels, Shawn welded one frame of the front gate. They were able to put it up by the end of the day. At this point in the project, you can really get a sense of what the entire fence will look like. The light coming through this type of fence makes it glow beautifully. You can also see how there’s no “pretty” or “ugly” side of this horizontal basket weave, which is nice when you’re sharing the wall wi

So You Want a New Fence - Day 3

The third day of this project was spent finishing setting the fence posts and starting to install the cedar planks. See posts on day 1 and day 2 for more images and descriptions of previous days’ work for this cedar horizontal basket weave fence. And go to our Facebook page to see a larger project photo gallery. This day was much colder than it had been, so Matt was a human popsicle he stood holding each post while it set. I know this because he kept asking me for hand and foot warmers. It’s rough if you can’t move around to warm up. One of the clients took off work the rest of the week to be the third man on the job. He, Matt, and Shawn were able to finish the posts on other two sides o

So You Want a New Fence - Day 2

If you haven’t already, check out day 1 of this fence project. The second day was spent collecting materials and starting to set the fence posts. The collection of materials took quite a bit of time since the boys had to wait for around 60 steel posts to be cut at Texas Fence Supply in Irving, which is 45 minutes south of Denton. That’s where the crew got the cedar pickets as well. They also bought 90 bags of 50 lb Quickset at Home Depot. A couple of tips regarding concrete, from me to you: The fast-setting stuff is in the red bag, and the long-setting stuff is in the yellow bag. Return any bags you don’t use – by the time you have another concrete project, that thing is hard as a rock…or

So You Want a New Fence - Day 1

Today we are beginning the process of replacing a client’s chain link fence with a cedar horizontal basket weave with steel posts, much like the one below, which is a photo from a previous project we did through Ecotopes. To give you a sense of how long a project like this would take, the first day is spent removing tangled brush, the chain link, and cutting the posts. Then the boys hang the proposed fence line and measure and mark where the posts will go. And depending on how hard the ground is, dig all of the post holes. It is rainy right now so the ground is pretty soft, which is fortunate for the crew. It might be miserable, but the work is going quickly, says the gal writing the blo

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