Maximizing a Small Space

I’ve gotten numerous calls and emails requesting consultations for small spaces, where clients have been both frustrated and apologetic by the scale. We at OES feel that this is such a satisfying challenge. A larger space is just a bunch of smaller spaces linked together by circulation, material, and function. The small space on its own must be handled carefully, so that everything is designed at just the right size, that each micro-space is equally important without being redundant, and the user has a reason to move to all places in the yard. Over the past year, the majority of our design/build projects have been small yards of condos and townhouses – built by PSW Real Estate. After c

Made in Austin

It’s getting pretty hard to find a product that’s truly local. Most of the clothes you find in larger chain stores are made in China, Mexico, or Bangladesh. While it might seem cheaper to import clothes, food, or even furniture, you can be sure that the ways companies are cutting costs will add up somewhere else, be it in carbon footprint, paying workers below a living wage, or shoddy workmanship. At OES, we are proud to use local materials and native plants in our Austin-based fabrication and design studio. We have skilled craftsmen on our team who understand that high end design results in a high end product. We never cut corners when building your fence, furniture, deck, or steel plan

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