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Thank You: OES BBQ and Client Review

I wanted to share some images from our recent thank you to our employees. We’ve been busier than ever and it’s in no small part to our dedicated crew. It’s a team effort to create the best possible experience for our clients, be it on a consultation, through the design process, or the multi-faceted installation process. Each OES employee is a thoughtful communicator, a joy to work with, and highly skilled. They’re basically family.

Our clientele has also been amazing. We feel honored to meet all of you and that you chose to entrust us with a vision for your space. We really do take great pride in our work and its execution. Over the weekend, Matt and I received an email from our current build client. We had never met prior to the initial consultation, but it turns out his house is a block away from ours. The installation is about halfway through, but he felt compelled to share his perspective of why he has enjoyed working with us. Matt and I chat all the time about how to make our business better/stronger, and this was something we hadn’t quite put our finger on. To us, it’s standard business practice to communicate well and set expectations accordingly. It’s a relief that this is obvious to our clients. With his permission, I’m sharing what had the hilarious subject line, “Feedback – Important.”

Matt & Angelica,

I want to say how impressed I have been while working with the both of you. It’s probably a little premature to send this, but given where I can see where we are with the project, I thought I’d go ahead and give you some feedback anyway.

You guys inspire confidence in your ability to plan & execute, down to the detail. It comes through with every interaction. Let me elaborate.

You’re both way above-average communicators and easy to work with. I noticed early on how you would pick up on small things I mentioned, and then came back later to clarify. You are very thoughtful not only in your design, but in your execution. It comes through that you go to great lengths to set expectations accordingly.

You’re punctual and clear. From the initial design consultation to 1/2 way through the project, you’ve explained things very thoroughly, patiently, thoughtfully – both in person and via email. You’ve been on time to our appointments, and in the unlikely event you were ever late, you always let me know.

Your techniques and skills to close the customer are effective. You’ve delivered amazing 3D sketchup files (by the way I’d like the latest :) And your in-person presentations have been incredible, full-color, quality-paper stunning visuals… Multiple pages from every angle… just slick man. Punctuate that with the detailed budget breakdown so I could see how the dollars were being allocated. Yes please. This one’s huge guys, gives me just enough info but keeps your margin yours. I like it.

You’ve been very transparent through the process, and your emotional intelligence shows in how you interact with your clients, and have those tougher conversations… not that we’ve had any, I can just see how you guys roll.

The designs were amazing. I loved all of them. You are both artists. I love hearing you guys wax poetic about how you thought about how this space… flows into that space… you’ve obsessed over every angle. Everything has been thought through and organized. But not just the space, I mean everything that goes into that space, and how you navigate it – all from multiple angles. I mean your planning, attention to detail, and delivery to plan has been exceptional so far.

Plants have been larger than I thought would be overall, and look very healthy. The selections made, with regard to their characteristics, the precise number, and their chosen placement, is another art unto itself.

Craftsmanship and attention to detail have been top notch. The heavy steel used and the angles in the steel work; things are straight and square where they are supposed to be, it’s well secured, and the overall product install looks probably indestructible. Granted it’s like week 1, but I don’t think it’s going anywhere. Ever. Your 90 day warranty or whatever it is, insults the build quality. That’s 10 yr easy.

I’m not forgetting the crew. Your crew loves coming to work everyday. You guys have a great dynamic. I work from home and my whole house is open with windows… but it hasn’t been creepy in this workman around the house kinda way. Quite the contrary, I enjoy seeing people who like what they do and are good at it, do their stuff. They are not rushed, but they are not slow, they just do. Even the way the plants are put into the ground, are handled with care. They are friendly and approachable, respectful of one another, the work site, and the client.

I own 5 houses and have had work done on all of them in some capacity: from roofs, to rehabs, to building my own. I never once had a doubt about this project because you and your team have consistently reinforced your ability to execute throughout its course. It’s refreshing and relaxing to have a pro on the job.

So…. this level of enumerated detail might seem overkill, but it’s what inspired me to write this email, because you’re so far delivering in precisely all the areas where generally most others have fallen short and frustrated me. I recognize and appreciate your approach.

And it’s for this reason that I’m jumping the gun and writing to you now, and not waiting until after the project has been completed, all the checks have cleared, to see if everything dies, whether my friends like it, etc. Because I don’t have to.

Thanks for transforming my home. This was the missing link.

PS: Don’t let the guys throw away the plan I gave them, I want it back, signed by everyone on the crew, sharpie style, dirt and all.

PSS: Hope I gotcha with that subject line.

PSSS: Feel free to use me as a reference when the job is complete.

Hope backyard trampoline camping was successful.

See ya Monday,


What a wonderful feedback from such a thoughtful client!

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