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Our Home Office

OES | Me on my side of the wraparound desk

We have something to celebrate over here at OES. As of today, Matt and I have moved back into our home office. For the past 8-9 months, we’ve been working dorm-style in our (tiny) house, having to pack up any paperwork, laptops, or general workspace equipment so that our two young kiddos don’t accidentally spill apple juice onto our livelihood. It has been exhausting. Especially trying to work late designing – our 4 year old has taken to falling asleep in our bed, so she is privy to at least one of us working in at the kitchen table or our small desk in the bedroom.

For about two years, we worked in an unfinished version of our detached office. Basically, it was weather-proofed, so we could get work done, but it was next to impossible to finish it out when desks and such were in the way. Over the past 4-1/2 years, Matt has led the build on the office. With the help of my dad, a carpenter, our friends donating their time, and our tireless employees, Shawn, Damon, and Jake, we can finally say that the inside is complete. It’s wondrous.

I can now sew without having to pack up all of the sharp implements, and keep my fabric handy. Matt can keep his music gear at the ready so that he can go from SketchUp to Ableton Live and craft some tunes. We are back to being people with work and hobbies.

This is especially handy if one of our kids is home sick and one of the grannies is on kid duty. Like right now, for instance. Eloise is recovering from a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy and wants to just sit in my lap while I work. Then figure out a way to keep me from working. Now she can watch Frozen as many times as Granny can stand and I can write a blog post about our unique work space without singing “Let it Go.”

OES | Moving in yesterday; Ansley as Anna and Eloise as Elsa. (Costumes are thanks to Granny.)

We still have plans for the outside – hence no pics. It’s still a construction site out there. Eventually we’ll have a deck and courtyard instead of a tool zone. But for now, I’ll bask in all of the natural light, open windows and 12′ sliding door, on handcrafted, thoughtfully designed desks under our guest loft. We also have a sitting area that celebrates the cabinets for my many vampire books (don’t judge). I’m also pumped to be able to access all of our architecture and landscape architecture books that have been hidden away in storage for the past year.

It’s been a long journey to get here. Like I said, 4-1/2 years, two babies, and starting a business hasn’t given us much time to work on something for ourselves. I’m thankful for all of time chipping away at it. I’m also thankful for a video baby monitor that reaches out here so we can do work.

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