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Cooking With a Hibachi (pt. 2)

Matt does most of the cooking for the Norton family. We have a busy schedule – both of us working long hours for our company, OES, and we have two kids. Eloise is 3.5 and Ansley just turned one. As soon as we switch off from work, we are feeding the kids and getting them ready for bed. Dinner for us can seemed rushed, to say the least.

We enjoy food so much that resorting to processed or pre-made food doesn’t appeal to us. Last night, after working a 12-hour day, Matt came home to a kitchen prepped for a yakitori dinner.

Since I’m only comfortable in the kitchen as long as it involves really basic steps (which is why I’m the one in charge of the kids’ meals), I can prep everything that will go on the grill and all Matt has to do is make the sauces, get the grill ready, and cook it all to perfection.

Using a hibachi to cook dinner for two is so easy. It’s a personal grill, so you don’t use much charcoal (and it’s efficient in heat retention), which makes it pretty quick to get started. It’s small enough for the cook to feel connected to the person/people he’s feeding because they can all be seated around the table. And it’s a healthy option since the menu items include meat and veggies.

To get a refresher on how to cook on one click HERE.

Our skewered yakitori dishes last night were:

  • chicken and green onions with a tare marinade

  • green onions wrapped with cheese, in a jalapeño slice, wrapped in bacon

  • zucchini slices with a mayonnaise sauce, seasoned with togarashi

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