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So You Want a New Fence - Day 5

OES | Moving to the back side on Day 5

On the fifth day, the crew finished putting up the panels on the long side on the right, turned the corner, and made it along the back side of the property. They also put up the second gate frame using Shawn’s ingenuity of making saw horses out of the scrap fence posts they already removed. At first he used the ground to weld the gate frame but realized it wasn’t level, so he put these suckers together.

OES | Saw horses welded from found material on site. Because we're crafty

Day 5 was Saturday for us, so we had the help of one of the clients for a couple more days. He and Matt were again on panel duty while Shawn was fabricating the gate.

OES | Punching guide holes (more on this in the next post) on the back side of the back side

I showed you in the Day 4 post how the glow of the boards in the sun is pretty magical, and today I want to point out the shadows from the pattern of the boards. It’s the little things, you know?

OES | Gate frames up today. And lovely shadows

I’ll be uploading the rest of the pics from this day into the project gallery on Facebook if you want to see more, including the process from the beginning. Be sure and check out the previous posts to really get an idea of what goes into making this kind of fence. It’s not your standard basket weave, but a modification of the traditional pattern, which uses steel fence posts for material longevity. On the final work day’s post I’ll put up a pic I took in the clients’ neighborhood of the traditional kind so you can see the difference.

OES | They made it to the corner by the end of the day

I’ll be putting up Day 6 tomorrow, and we finished up this project on Day 7, or Monday, Jan. 16. So there were seven working days of labor, not including the first day before coming up to Denton gathering some materials We blew through the weekend since this was out of town for us – normally when we work in Austin it’s a standard Monday through Friday work week.

This will hopefully give you an idea of how long this type of fence can take in case you want one of your very own in time for a party. Which has indeed been a request before. And who wouldn’t want to show off their new fence or landscape at a party?

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