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So You Want a New Fence - Day 1

Today we are beginning the process of replacing a client’s chain link fence with a cedar horizontal basket weave with steel posts, much like the one below, which is a photo from a previous project we did through Ecotopes.

To give you a sense of how long a project like this would take, the first day is spent removing tangled brush, the chain link, and cutting the posts. Then the boys hang the proposed fence line and measure and mark where the posts will go. And depending on how hard the ground is, dig all of the post holes. It is rainy right now so the ground is pretty soft, which is fortunate for the crew. It might be miserable, but the work is going quickly, says the gal writing the blog post in a warm house.

All of this can be completed in about one day, barring any surprises. Like a finicky auger or unexpected irrigation lines. Believe me, there are more often surprises than not, but we’ve come across the gamut of them so we can deal with them pretty quickly. The rest of the week I’ll be updating each day’s work so you can get an idea about what to expect if you are interested in the same kind of project. Go to Facebook to see more photos of this project. Be sure and “like” us while you’re there!

This client lives in Denton and we will be getting our fence materials from Texas Fence Supply in Irving, TX.

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