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zuniga residence

january 2019

Small yards mean every square foot needs to be efficiently used and considered in design. The existing porch was really more of a landing, so we expanded the space by using Trex composite decking, illuminated by string lights hung on cable we hung between the house and garage. We gave the client (and the neighbor) a bit of privacy with bull panel trellises growing colorful crossvine. The gravel patio allows for flexible hangout space and is furnished with a dining table.  Pavers lead to the future free-standing BBQ grill, allowing a quick barefoot connection in and out of the house. No one wants to mow a tiny bit of grass in a side yard, so we extended the gravel and planted it up with drought-tolerant yuccas, perennials, and bunch grasses.  Behind the sectional seating, taller shrubs and flowering perennials add color and texture to an otherwise unused nook of the yard.

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