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kiloh-daniels residence

december 2016

concrete: Abel Rodriguez

The extremely small backyards in Austin's Mueller Development are always a fun puzzle to assemble. We were challenged by our clients with creating an outdoor living space for dining, informal seating, grilling, and playing. The other challenge was creating shade and rain protection while interfacing with the house and garage and dealing with drainage from the gutters.  

The contrast of the poured-in-place concrete pavers and Texas basalt gravel paired nicely with the painted white steel columns of the pergola and warmth of its cedar joists. The path from the garage to the back door is protected from rain, but the slatted pergola roof over the dining area allows for light to enter the home's living room windows.  We fabricated a gutter that leads to a rain chain, directing stormwater to the rain garden and bubbling fountain water feature, which highlights the water's permeation in the landscape instead of sending stormwater offsite. Plants were selected for their filtration properties and ability to handle both drought and water inundation.

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