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OES | steel-retained gravel patios, board-form concrete steps for better access from deck out into yard

wynn residence

february 2017

This cozy backyard in Bouldin Neighborhood has beautiful heritage oak trees that call you out into the yard. The client asked for a place to dine and lounge, a bubbling fountain for white noise and relaxation, and dense plantings. She requested plants to be organized more on massings than establishing a rigid grid or rhythm. The original exit point for the deck left that upper living space feeling too separated from the rest of the yard, so we removed the railing and fabricated steel and concrete steps that lead directly to the dining patio.  The surface treatment is pea gravel for a barefoot friendly connection and warm tones. The board-form concrete fountain speaks to the concrete in the steps and the dining table. We designed for existing patio furniture (sectional couch  and left many spaces for pots and herbs to soften the edges of the steel. The plants in the furthest part of the yard needed variation in color and texture, so we supplemented the beds with dog-friendly native plants. Large Japanese maples bring seasonal color to the house and car port while giving privacy from neighbor's views.

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