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burnett residence

march 2017

These fun clients dreamed of a screened-in gaming dojo so that their friends could come over and play board games.  They also have several inside cats that want to spend time outdoors, so the patio can double as a semi-protected environment. They showed us Japanese-inspired imagery, which led to a modern tea house and a locally-sourced Texas basalt rock garden that can be raked into soothing patterns around the limestone boulders. Crushed limestone gravel provides a contrast in materials to the dark basalt. For variations of greens and purple tones, we used native plants like bamboo muhly, inland sea oats, purple trailing lantana, wooly stemodia, and red oak, as well as adapted plants like clumping bamboo, Japanese maple, loropetalum, and bicolor iris, creating lush planting beds that frame intentionally minimal patio spaces.  

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