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OES | concrete pavers and Texas basalt with native plants, cedar decking and galvalume roofed pergola

robinson residence

september 2016

This "limited intervention" included adding privacy along the fence line, expanding the usable space out into the yard with concrete pavers, and completely reworking the deck off the master bedroom, which now includes a pergola. The outdoor dining area on the existing patio serves as a dining area was a significant expanse of concrete, so we proposed demolishing a portion of the concrete patio to allow for a line of clumping bamboo in order to get immediate screening without taking up too much real estate. In order for the family to use more of the yard and connect to the back deck, a pattern of concrete pavers creates both a seating area and cleaner path. The old deck felt too high and turned its back on the yard, so we lowered it, which also allows for increased privacy. We also included lower-growing but durable drought-tolerant planting for texture and color. Texas basalt as a surface treatment contrasts nicely with the concrete and reduces the amount of maintenance that would be required with traditional mulch.

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