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wishnow cover.jpg

wishnow residence

October 2017 - January 2018
architect: Alter Studio
fire feature: Lumacast

plumbing: Crystal Plumbing
irrigation: Elements Group
concrete: Abel Rodriguez

After a recent remodel by Alter Studio, the backyard had some good bones like a boardform concrete wall, an outdoor kitchen, and existing deck.  We were brought on by the clients to consider circulation out into the yard, which includes steel terrace steps from the back of the house and from the upper fire feature patio down to a dining patio.  We added another boardform wall to balance the proposed pathway, which meanders around an ornamental tree. The slope was left as play area and given an artificial turf surface treatment, as sod had difficulty taking and erosion was causing issues for the shade trees.

The main entry to the back comes through a dramatic pivot gate with a custom bespoke hinge, which otherwise seamlessly blends into the steel tube fence when closed.  The front needed to remain grass for the septic drainfield, but we flanked the edges with planting beds.  We created a secondary and more private path from front door, around the carport, and to the other side yard via steel-edged gravel.  Salt and pepper riverstone is used as a gravel mulch in beds that aren't mean to be walked in, subliminally directing users through spaces by material choice.

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