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shattuck residence

phase 1: november 2016
phase 2: january 2017

concrete: Abel Rodriguez

The clients wanted a screened-in porch attached to their house, and the backyard needed help with organization and circulation. Our design proposal included a butterfly roof to allow for a comfortable height when exiting the back door, and the new scored concrete patio replaced their existing wood deck.

In order to complete the installation, we worked in phases. The first phase allowed us to re-grade the upper tier for new turf grass, pour the concrete patio, and remove invasive genetics in the planting beds and gravel in the lower level. We used Texas basalt for gravel mulch, largely native plants species, and zoysia turf grass  The second phase included the screened-in porch, which  is delicately framed for visibility, and the doors are clad in perforated steel for durability. The limestone pavers were also placed at this time to give a barefoot-friendly pathway to the grass.

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