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gassman residence

december 2018
cement tile: Clay Imports
tile installation: The Tile Press

These clients wanted a screened-in porch off of the back of their home in South Austin’s Circle C neighborhood. The property is nestled against a lush section of greenbelt. We knew that we wanted to create a structure that captured the view of the greenbelt with as few obstructions as possible. To accomplish this goal, we relied on a steel structure wrapped with a wood screen system. The roof is supported by a pair of steel beams spanning the entire twenty-four foot wide patio. The span was then in-filled with cedar screen frames and tied together with a tube steel railing. Stainless steel cable rails were utilized for safety while disrupting the view as little as possible. The floor was fabricated with steel form decking, topped with concrete, and finished with cement tile. For the door we opted for perforated stainless steel and a commercial grade door closer to hold up against daily use. For the stairs, push bar, and door trim we specified IPE, which is known for its longevity and resistance to weather.

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