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OES | steel-edged limestone paver patio, Texas basalt walkway, washed river stone planting beds, native plants, and artificial turf

dammert residence

march 2017
pool: Cascade Custom Pools
masonry: GS Masonry
artificial turf: Magnolia Turf Co

In a funny twist of design, the original clients sold their house right as we finished up the final presentation. The new homeowners picked up where they left off and tailored their backyard needs with an artificial turf play area, limestone paver lounger patio, screened patio equipment and new cedar fencing. After resolving the masonry walls that needed maintenance in the upper parts of the yard, an upper lawn area for a living space overlooking the yard.  We worked with some quirks of pool placement in conjunction with the existing patio and shade structure, lining up entry points and passage so that alignments and levels all feel intentional. We also added a mini deck at the end of the pool for a level landing and installed a Polygal roof to weatherproof the patio.

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