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6. Maintenance

Once your yard is complete, you're ready to enjoy it! While we design for a low-maintenance yard, there's no such thing as a "no maintenance" yard. Leaves still fall, seeds still sprout, and weeds find their way into beds and living spaces. OES offers maintenance services to get your space back to the just-finished level of cleanliness by shaping vegetation as it fills in, removing expired plants and limbs, identifying opportunities for new plants, and provide seasonal-specific plant care.

For Maintenance-only projects, Angelica or a Project Manager would visit the site, take photos and notes, and prepare a proposal based on frequency of visits you'd like to set up. We offer weekly (52 visits), bi-weekly (43 visits, adapted to seasons), monthly, seasonally, and yearly/as-needed.


This is available for new or returning clients. We love working with returning clients to see how spaces evolve over time, which makes us better designers! Clients often contract with OES for maintenance since we can provide continuity in the design intent, instead of having to communicate it to a third party who may come in with a "mow-blow-and-go" approach to maintenance.

A $150 fee is charged for Maintenance Site visits, which is applied as a credit on the first Service Fee. Bids are created after evaluating client expectations for cleanup needed, frequency of visit needed, and considering size and scope of project.

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