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killingsworth cover.jpg

killingsworth residence

december 2019

pool installation: subcontractor

artificial turf: Elite Turfcare Group

As the back property of this duplex, this yard is already quite private, but the existing yard needed a design freshen-up.  We were asked to re-think the deck shape just off the house and provide shade structure and outdoor kitchen.  We removed the pavers to get the much-needed impervious coverage, and designed for a small plunge pool on the back side of the L-shaped yard.  We re-used the steel retained steps at the back gate and used an artificial turf surface treatment for the open space for their pup. A stucco planter acts as a rain garden and filters the dramatic stormwater flow from the street behind.  Excess stormwater now moves subgrade to the engineered drainage system and no longer impacts the use of the yard.  High-end gravels like mexican beach pebble and salt and pepper riverstones provide the gravel much in planting beds, with a small amount of texas basalt around the pool allowing for passage and maintenance access.  The beautiful bottlebrush tree now acts as a focus and texture as the rest of the yard feels clean and organized.

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