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casper-powell residence

july 2020 - december 2020

pool: Aqua Builders

photography: provided by clients

See this design on the Austin Outdoor Living Tour May 6th! 

This was a fun little project with some super cool humans.  And I'm not just saying that because we've been invited for a couple of swim parties.  This unusually-shaped backyard had a lot of retaining and a huge Critical Root Zone to contend with, so the constraints meant fitting a pool in the remaining trapezoid.  The pool replaced the existing retaining wall, and we fit star jasmine vines in the small void between the pool and fence.  We reduced erosion to discourage root disturbance by adding steel-retained steps that connected to the upper level.  We wanted this to be barefoot friendly, soft and permeable, so the artificial turf with a permeable base allowed for a living space with a light touch.  Shade-loving plants surrounded the tree to encourage onsite water percolation and added texture and color to frame the corner.  The upper deck was re-clad to match the boardwalk by the pool, which are both composites by Timbertech.  We screened the pool equipment with a steel horizontal flat bar.

The frontyard was sloped and grassy, so we terraced to level it and added steps for function and curb appeal.  Plants were installed in the remaining slope and at the street in riverstone beds. Circulation is directed at the planter by the porch with pavers.

Pool: Aqua Builders

Pool Screen: OES Custom build with steel flat bar and posts

Landscape Lighting: Illumination Concepts

Decking: Timbertech in Weathered Teak

Artificial Turf: LawnPop Fresh Cut Pro with Tan Blades

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