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OES | Custom polygal and steel framed entry gate, with galvanized steel fencing. Steel edged crushed limestone, and concrete step

buck residence

april - october 2016

concrete: Abel Rodriguez

photography: Reagen Taylor

press: Austin Home

This couple's home was remodeled before they purchased it and the front door was moved to face the busiest street, which serves as an on-ramp to Mopac. Entry circulation needed to be clarified and privacy was obviously a huge concern. They loved modern landscapes from Palm Springs, so our design proposal included minimal but structured plantings, concrete and steel walls, an entry courtyard with polygal panels, and clean lines to define spaces. While the entire property is now fenced off, the front yard is still accessible and visually open to the neighborhood. The backyard patio serves as a dining space, which connects to the hot tub deck and gardening area with raised steel planters.

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