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OES’s Comprehensive Design process typically develops in the following sequence:

  1. Predesign + Feasibility Study: Once you’ve approved OES’s Design Proposal, we will conduct a thorough inventory of existing site conditions to establish a basis for design. This inventory may include code research, permitting requirements, site analysis, and assembling available floor plans and surveys. Since surveys are often inaccurate, we may use a hi-tech Lidar scanner to create a highly accurate 3D model of the site in order to minimize surprises during construction. We then meet with you to present a report of the above as well as Opinion of Probable Cost for ballpark numbers, and a mood board to relate to the costing analysis. After presenting this data your wants, needs, and ideas are narrowed down to direct the scope for the design process. After these pre-design services are complete, the design process begins.

  2. Schematic Design: In the SD phase, OES works to translate your requested landscape elements and character into an illustrative site plan. According to the unique needs of your project, we may pair the plan with diagrams and supporting precedent images to explain the design concept. In this phase, We work with you to establish the big-picture design strategy that will serve as the basis for future design phases.

  3. Design Development: In the DD phase, OES creates what might be considered a mock construction documentation set, typically including draft hardscape plans & construction details, planting plans & installation details, grading plans & construction details, materials schedules, and lighting diagrams. In Design Development, the site layout is refined and materials are identified and roughly quantified. We provide another, more refined Opinion of Probable Cost, working with you to identify minor cost savings opportunities if required. Major changes to the design are not anticipated. We will review the deliverables with you and pick up any minor revisions you might request in the Construction Documentation phase.

For less complex projects, OES offers a Simple Design Package. This is an option for planting update plans, single custom objects like a piece of furniture, an outdoor kitchen, or fencing system with an automated drive gate/entry gate + mail slot.

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