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OES | concrete pavers, Texas basalt gravel, vegetation, artificial turf, deck cladding

chandler residence

december 2016

concrete: Abel Rodriguez

artificial turf: Magnolia Turf Company

This family wanted to make the most of their small backyard. Their existing deck already doubled as storage, so we clad the exterior and fabricated a door so this could be hidden from the living and play spaces. Everything in its place, the lounge area on concrete pavers is framed by the built-in grill with sliding doors for more storage. The play space has an artificial turf surface treatment as maintenance in this area is difficult to access, which is especially handy around the play structure that gets a good amount of wear and tear.  We also connected the driveway to the terraced backyard with more concrete pavers, graveled the area with river stone, and planted native species for ease of care. The custom shade sail in the front yard is a delicate solution for parking needs.  

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